Learn more The property is currently under construction, but our open hours to the public remain the same.


7:00 am Experience

7:00 am

Wake to the sound of waves lapping the shore. Enjoy a stretch on the beach with sand between your toes.

9:00 am Experience

9:00 am

Visit the charming downtown of Laguna Beach and breakfast at one of our favorite restaurant recommendations. 

11:30 am Experience

11:30 am

Enjoy a cool dip and layout by our swimming pool.

2:00 pm Experience

2:00 pm

Take one of our street legal golf carts for a breezy cruise down to historic Forest Ave.

4:30 pm Experience

4:30 pm

Stretch your legs and break a sweat up one of Laguna’s beautiful hiking trails.

7:00 pm Experience

7:00 pm

Contact the Guest Services for reservations to our favorite Mexican food restaurant, South of Nicks. Shrimp Taquitos are a must!